Committee on Graduate Studies Members

Committee on Graduate Studies Members

Administrative Members

Avram Bornstein
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies,
CGS Chair

Lynette Cook-Francis
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Michael C. Martinez-Sachs
Dean of Students

Larry Sullivan
Associate Dean and Chief Librarian

Faculty Members

Rosemary Barberet
Interim Director, International Crime & Justice MA program

Ned Benton
Director, Inspection & Oversight MPA program

Jennifer Dysart
Director, Forensic Psychology BA/MA program

Diana Falkenbach
Director, Forensic Psychology MA program

Jay Hamilton
Interim Director, Economics MA program

Charles Jennings
Director, Emergency Management MS program

Marie-Helen Maras
Director, Security Management MS program

Jeff Mellow
Director, Criminal Justice MA program

Charles Nemeth
Director, Protection Management MS program

William Pammer, Jr.
Director, Public Policy & Administration MPA program

Mechthild Prinz
Director, Forensic Science MS program

Chitra Raghavan
Interim Director, Forensic Mental Health Counseling MA program

Doug Salane
Director, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity MS program

Student Members

Olivia Aveson
Graduate Student, Forensic Psychology MA program

Tyresa Jackson
Graduate Student, Public Policy & Administration MPA program