Spring 2018 registration

Spring 2018 registration

Get ready to register for spring 2018

Plan now. Get the classes you want!

Check for Financial Holds

✔   Check CUNYFirst for any holds that could prevent you from registering.

Your To Do list in CUNY First shows current holds and forms you need to submit. Check your list sooner than later because holds can sometimes take a while to fix! If you are unsure how to access/view your CUNY First To-Do List, click here.

Plan a 15-Credit Schedule

✔   Enrolling in 15 credits saves you money and keeps you on track for graduation.

  Review your major plan here.

  Consider your plan to fulfill more gen-ed requirements. Check out your options here.

Attend Your Advising Session

✔   Select your spring courses and confirm you are on the right track at your advising session this October. You MUST ATTEND your advising session to be able to register for courses. Even if you have holds, you should still attend your advising session.

  Check your email for your invitation to your advising session this October.

Calculate your remaining credits and semesters

Have a graduation date in mind?

   Use the equation to plan for your desired graduation date:

  120 credits - # earned credits = # credits remaining

  # credits remaining ÷ # credits per semester = # semesters remaining

Planning to take a winter or summer course?

✔   Don't forget to add to your credits earned – you could graduate even faster!

  120 credits  - # earned credits = # credits remaining

  # credits remaining + # summer or winter credits = # credits remaining

  # credits remaining ÷ # credits per semester = # semesters remaining

Be sure to check your DegreeWorks and meet with an advisor to review your required coursework and stay on track. As a reminder, in order to graduate you need to:

  Earn at least 120 credits.

  Complete all your general education requirements.

  Fulfill all your major requirements.

Track your Academic Progress

How to Check Your Grades

  View how to check your grades on CUNYFirst.

  Use this worksheet to estimate your grades for the current semester.